As a group of experienced specialists, we work with you on all the phases of the project – from diagnostics to strategic planning, to the production of the media and messages that will engage and empower your stakeholders. We shall manage your newsletter or other publications from the idea to the final product. We arrange the editorial meetings, create the content on the information you provide and design the publication to reflect your idea.

Editorial Assistance

Based on facts and ideas provided by you, we shall research the topic and create content aligned with the target audience you want to reach. We shall also edit content and even translate it into any of the official languages.


3-Dimensional models

The more senses you can engage, the more impact your message will have. We shall even create 3D scale models of your projects, complete with lights, movement and sound.

Our 3D models take projects to the next level

La Balise marina development. Riviere Noire, Mauritius 2013

Size 1.1m X1.4m; Scale 1:400

Purpose of model: (a) To obtain planning approval for design, (b) to lock in investment,    (c) to drive sales in two different countries – SA and Mauritius. 3 Models were built.

Metropolis Apartments. Sandton, Johannesburg 2015

Size 600mm x 800mm; Scale 1:150

Marketing model built to generate off-plan sales. Equipped with an integrated rechargeable lighting system (8-hour battery life) for autonomous display purposes.

The Zone 2. Rosebank, Johannesburg

Size 1.1m x 0.75m; Scale1:100

Mall design model for major upgrade stakeholder engagement – Model of main promenade environment.

Sandton City, Johannesburg

Size1.2m x 1.8m; Scale 1:500

Design proposal for major multi-year redevelopment of a large shopping centre. Included an investigation of structural compatibility of the independent parts of the centre and the integration of these parts. The model featured an automated and remote-controlled lighting system that was integrated with video presentations. It was on display in the centre for more than two years.


Kleinjan Restaurant. Tshwalu Lodge, Kalahari, South Africa 2021

Size 1.1m x 0.45m; Scale 1:50

Sectional model of a unique upmarket restaurant built inside a desert dune. It was built to illustrate the concept to stakeholders. The model is on permanent display in the restaurant to demonstrate the uniqueness of the restaurant to patrons.

Gaborone International School. Gaborone, Botswana 2022

Size 1.2m x0.8m; Scale 1:300

Marketing model used to recruit new students ahead of the extensive additions and upgrades to the school buildings and terrain.

Other services we provide:

  • Graphic design
  • Content development
  • Editorial service
  • Electronic solutions
  • Branding
  • Production of media
  • Sourcing and branding of collateral