The Communication Audit

We use the Communication Effectiveness model to determine how effective the organisation is in meeting the information needs of their internal and external stakeholders and to assist with its optimisation and the calculation of the ROI of the investment made in communication.

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The Customer Service Audit

Walt Disney, once said that he was only interested in one thing in business, namely the bottom line; the bottom line on the faces of the customers. He felt that if that curved in the right way, so will the other bottom line. Learn more about this the six factors, irrespective of whether it is related to the service of a spaza shop or an international five star hotel.

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Organisational Climate and Culture Survey

It is said the culture eats strategy for breakfast therefore it is important that you determine the prevailing climate and culture before you embark on a strategic planning session. Can you imagine the wealth of information you will have to build a strategy on when you have all this information for different job levels, functions, regions and two other profile questions.

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A coaching programme is on average six sessions. I use the work of Daniel Goleman and Boyatzis on emotional intelligence as framework for leadership and communication. Experience has taught me that if a person is emotional intelligent, and that is something that can be learned, their leardership skills and communication automatically improves. I also do group coaching for teams, should you have that need.


Optimising Your Communication Function

The IABC Global Standard for Communication Professionals not only guides what we contribute to organisations, but it also impacts on how we contribute. We shall work with you to assess the capabilities and the competencies of your team, indicate their development needs and advise on possible programmes.

Based on the needs of your organisation, we shall use the Communication Value Circle framework to structure your function to contribute strategic value to your organisation. We shall also assist you with job descriptions for your team and even job profiles should you need to recruit staff members.


Publications and Other Channels

The super-powers of Communication Professionals are that we know how to create messages that will engage people and know how to package it in the most appropriate channels to ensure that it will have desired impact.

Due to various reasons, Communication Functions often do not have the staff to write the stories, and guide the design and publication processes. We shall assist you to co-create your channel strategy and content plans, we shall conduct the interviews or find the information, write the stories and get the graphic elements to support the story and after you have signed off the content we shall oversee the design and the production process.

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Awards Programmes and Entry Preparation

We shall assist you to create an awards programme, from the announcement, the development of rubrics and guides to prepare nominations to the recruitment of evaluators and evaluator training. We have done this for local and international professional associations and organisations.

Do you want to enter a project for a local or global awards programme? You can call on us to assist you. We have done it with great success for several organisations, and will do it for you.


Speakers and Facilitators

Our team of recognised speakers and facilitators are available to ensure that you achieve your objectives with the conference, strategic planning  or facilitation session.

  We frequently address groups on:

  • The empowerment of women in the workplace
  • Customer service
  • Communication as a strategic tool in safety, productivity and quality
  • Communication skills for leaders on all levels
  • Change communication

We also facilitate team building sessions using a range of processes to achieve the required outcome for the characteristics of the group we      are working with.