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The core focus of our business is facilitating sustainable business growth and business optimisation through effective stakeholder communication and internal and external customer service. By implementing our Communication Programmes organisations are able to determine the information needs of their stakeholders, improve the Communication Skills of the Leaders in the organisation and keep their stakeholders informed about relevant issues. Our Customer Service Programmes identify critical touchpoints that determine the reputation of the organisation and the internal productivity processes.

Communication Programmes:

We facilitate understanding of the stakeholders’ communication needs to create strategies and competencies that will engage them in the strategic intent of the business through a compelling corporate narrative and platforms.

Customer Service Programmes:

We identify the critical touch points for both the internal and the external customers to improve the through-put of quality products and services by using tactics that will excite employees and customers.

The communication audit

The purpose of the communication audit is to determine how effective the organisation is in meeting the information needs of their internal and external stakeholders and to assist with its optimisation and the calculation of the ROI of the investment made in communication.

The following dashboard is used to summarise the audit results:

The customer service audit

Walt Disney, the father of Disney Company, once said that he was only interested in one thing in business, namely “The Bottom Line”; “The bottom line on the faces of our customers”. He was of the opinion that if that line curved in the right direction, the other bottom line would follow suit and the organisation would prosper and grow.

Research conducted over many years indicated that customer service is always measured by the same six factors, irrespective of whether it is related to the service of the local spaza shop or an international five star hotel. These factors are what we measure and summarise in the following dashboard:

The organisational climate survey

The organisational climate survey measures employees’ perceptions about:

  • Organisational practices under which a work group or individual operate in the organisation
  • Work group processes related to the functioning of groups working together
  • Task characteristics of the work they do and their ability to perform
  • Supervisory leadership of direct seniors
  • Organisational communication and the communication climate
  • General issues pertaining to events in the organisation

The following dashboard is used to summarise the organisational climate survey results:

Other surveys we conduct

  • Customer service surveys
  • Channel audits
  • Engagement surveys
  • Market surveys
  • Reputation surveys
  • Safety surveys
  • Change readiness and acceptance
  • Organisation-specific surveys, e.g. absenteeism

Our strategic workshop approach, which has been used in more than 4 000 private and public organisations, is focused, output orientated and participative. The facilitator facilitates the process whilst the participants provide content to the process. The facilitator will ensure the quality of the content and structure information meaningfully.

A unique aspect of the approach is that all discussions and decisions are documented on a real-time basis. During the sessions we provide real-time benchmark information, structuring capabilities and content quality assurance.

But above all – Business DNA uses unique audience response technology for prioritisation, gap-analysis and decision analysis. This results in high levels of energy reflected in the productivity achieved during the sessions.

The communication strategy document comprises:

  • Aligning the business strategy and the communication focus areas
  • Defining the objectives and criteria for success
  • An environmental analysis
  • A stakeholder matrix
  • Defining the tactics
  • Defining the communication platform
  • Key and supporting messaging
  • The allocation of resources
  • The implementation plan and
  • Measurement

The communication strategy will ensure that the investment made in communication delivers the required returns. It can be a general communication strategy or a focused strategy aimed at creating a specific knowledge level, attitude and behaviour.

DNA Academy was established to address the need of South African business people to develop their “soft skills” or ability to interact effectively with their stakeholders. The prime focus of this division is the development of interpersonal skills, communication skills, customer service, entrepreneurial development and the professional development of secretaries and personal assistants.

All the courses are customised to be relevant to the business environment of the client. The client’s vision, mission and values, special campaigns and organisational media are included in the training material to ensure relevancy for the customer and the trainee. The training is highly interactive, outcomes-based and based on the principles of adult learning.

We specialise in the following courses:

  • Customer service
  • Communication skills for leaders
  • Small business development
  • Development of office professionals

The Communicating Leaders’s Toolkit

The programme is especially suitable for line managers. The purpose of the course is to enhance the competence of the leaders in the organisation to engage confidently with their work group members.

The Qwerty programme for office professionals:

The programme is aimed at secretarial, administrative and frontline employees. At the end of the programme, they will understand their world of work, the relationships in the workplace as well as themselves, significantly better.

Project Bottomline – the blueprint for customer satisfaction:

The programme is suitable for all levels of employees. The programme is based on Walt Disney’s view that he is only interested in the bottom line of a business – the bottom line on the faces of the customers, both internally and externally.

Other Programmes We Offer