Leadership mag – Amanda Hamilton-Attwell input

Amanda Hamilton-Attwell

  • Been there: When I told my Career Guidance teacher in High School I want to study to become a journalist, she was horrified. That was not a career for a girl, in fact she thought I was choosing a career that was just one level above prostitution. In my second year the name of the programme changed from Journalism to Communication Science, resulting in a small group of us entering the job market with a degree that nobody knew.
  • Done that: I had wonderful opportunities to shine because I was “the first”. I was the first woman to get a doctorate in Communication Science in South Africa and perhaps even in Africa – because I was one of the first to get the degree! When I got my degree my oldest child was 2 years old – and I had a full time job – talk about juggling your career and your family. I started a business, Home Power, when my children were small to help home-bound people to work from home. I wanted to be a career woman from my home base and encountering so many other women who felt they would like to, but did not know how. In those days professional people did not work from a home-base. I got very involved in the International Association of Business Communicators and that enabled me to travel the world and experience the benefit of being in the leadership structures of a global organisation.
  • Watch out: I recently got a business coach and that changed the way I looked at my business and what I can offer organisations. Furthermore I enrolled for a course in neuroscience and communication to find a way to enable me to move organizational communication into a different space.
  • Quote: I love Disney World…on my first visit I was standing next to an angel (yes I believe in angels) in the form of an American boy, about 10 years old, and he gave me the best advice to handle the roller-coaster and life “Never close your eyes and always look straight ahead!”