Who we are

As a group of experienced specialists we work with you on all the phases of a project – from diagnostics to strategic planning, customising the programme, creating creative tactics and training programmes that will excite, ignite, engage and empower your stakeholders. Whether you are in commerce and industry or the public sector we have the expertise and bright ideas to deliver the right service and appropriate solution for you.

We use our affiliation with Cropley Communication in Melbourne and ROI Communication in San Francisco to develop state of the art solutions for our clients and our membership of the International Association of Business Communicators to stay on top of our game.

Locally we are members of the Public Relations Institute of South Africa and the Southern African Market Research Association.

Business DNA is a proudly Level 1 B-BBEE contributor supporting the development of a diverse and integrated world-class economy in South Africa.

How we do business

Our credentials

After gaining business and professional experience for a little more than two decades, Dr Amanda Hamilton-Attwell, ABC, CPRC, IABC Fellow, founded Business DNA in 2000. Despite her involvement in the leadership of global and local professional organisations, she is still actively involved in each project undertaken by Business DNA. All the members and affiliates of Business DNA have extensive experience in their area of responsibility. Several awards have been awarded to their work.

We believe the outcomes of our projects must be aligned with the business strategy and the impact must be measurable. Our view is “If it is not measured, it cannot be managed”. We do not do “stuff”, we are strategic business partners and must ensure that the outcomes we deliver prove it.

Our customers are located in South-Africa, Australia, Botswana and Kenya. Dr Hamilton-Attwell is a regular speaker at local and international conferences on productivity improvement, leadership and communication, stakeholder engagement, crisis communication and women and leadership.

The Business DNA team offers organisations their expertise stakeholder communication, customer service, productivity improvement, research, measurement, change, and communication skills development. Our bespoke programmes will enable organisations to improve productivity and employee engagement through effective communication and excellent customer service. We are accredited with the Services SETA for General Management. (Accreditation number is 12154)

Our product offering

To meet our clients’ needs we…

We facilitate complex and customised solutions for our clients through a network of specialists and experts in a variety of fields. When you work with us, you will only have to deal with us. We will co-ordinate all of the other specialist suppliers for you.

DNA Analytics

It is imperative to understand the current reality of your business – are your meeting the expectations of your stakeholders, what is the organisation climate in the organisation, what are the customer service levels of the organisation and are the employees doing the right things and are the interventions implemented contributing to the sustained success of the business.

Business DNA will diagnose how effective your current reality and assist you in using the diagnostics to develop a roll-out plan to achieve the results your business requires from your function.

The diagnostic report we provide will form the basis of your strategy and will enable you to track the impact of your interventions

We customise the diagnostic tools to your environment, your timeframe and your budget.

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DNA Strategies

It is important to remember that the word “strategise” has a military origin and refers to a set of actions required to conquer an enemy. The “enemy” of sustainable business is unproductive and unsafe behaviour and disengaged stakeholders.

The strategic planning process that Business DNA applies will leave you with a team that understands and buys in into a plan that will focus the way they allocate their resources and enable them to track the impact they are having on business critical aspects.

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DNA Academy

Soft skills have a significant impact on the achievement of production, safety, service and financial targets. Ineffective communication in teams and poor quality service have resulted in many missed targets and safety incidents.

Based on decades of experience in communication, customer service, productivity improvement and training, we have developed three flagship programmes. The Communicating Leader’s Toolkit empowers leaders on all levels to optimise the information flow in the organisation and communication with their teams; The Bottom-Line Programme, referring to the bottom line on the faces of customers, not only develops the customer service skills of all employees, it also leaves the organisation with a diagnostic tool to measure the quality of customer service in an easy and reliable manner.

The Entrepreneurial skills training course equips the small or new business owner with the necessary tools and techniques on how to plan, manage and control his/her business on a day-to-day basis in an effective and efficient manner.

Office support staff is key role-players on the frontline of your business. Our Masterclass series enhances the effectiveness, professionalism and competency of these employees. Emphasis is placed on business etiquette, meetings and minute taking, confidence and assertiveness, conflict resolution, time management and much more.

In we also has a range of programmes aimed at soft skill development, e.g. conflict handling, office management and productivity improvement.

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DNA Tactics

As a group of experienced specialists, we work with you on all the phases of the project – from diagnostics to strategic planning, to the production of the media and messages that will engage and empower your stakeholders. We shall manage your newsletter or other publications from the idea to the final product. We arrange the editorial meetings, create the content on the information you provide and design the publication to reflect your idea.

Based on facts and ideas provided by you, we shall research the topic and create content aligned with the target audience you want to reach. We shall also edit content and even translate it into any of the official languages.

The more senses you can engage, the more impact your message will have. We shall even create 3D scale models of your projects, complete with lights, movement and sound.

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Business DNA was awarded an Africa Quill Award from the International Association of Business Communicators in March 2009 and in 2010. These awards are made annually by the international body to recognise excellence and best practice in thought leadership, strategic management, creativity, resourcefulness and successful communication solutions.

Research projects usually do not stand much of a chance when competing against glamorous communication campaigns. This was however proven wrong when the Africa Quill panel of judges awarded a Quill for the research our company conducted on behalf of the Kumba Iron Ore Mine at Sishen and a Communication Toolkit Training Workshop which was developed for Sasol Mining.

Dr Amanda Hamilton-Attwell received the Chairman’s Award in 2014 for her contribution to the International Association of Business Communicators. In 2015 she was made a Fellow of the International Association of Business Communicators for her consistent contribution to the communication profession and the Association.